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Deck, Pergola & Carport Quotations

The detail & effort we put into our quotations ensures your project is properly defined from the outset. This provides our Clients with the certainty  that during construction, & on completion, their expectations are being, & will be realised.


Our quotations are entirely free of cost & obligation.


Following an initial on-site consultation, a design drawing is prepared, & for more complex projects, forwarded for client feedback, & adjusted as required.


The quotation is then compiled, with the quote page describing the scope of works, materials to be used & the price. It includes the design drawing and also our decking specification & other information, where relevant.


In most cases, Building Permits will be required. The preparation of the permit construction plans, & application fee are included in the quotation. Any exclusions, such as application of finishes, or town planning applications, will be defined.


The quotation (and/or design) can be further refined with on going consultation with the client if necessary.

Quote Design Plan

We understand that some clients will use our design plan to obtain quotations from other builders, and then just choose the cheapest. While we are not happy about this, it is a necessary cost of running our business, in making sure the clients who do proceed with us, have the certainty & confidence in what we will provide for them.


However, most clients appreciate the time & effort we put into the design plans, & make a decision based not only on price, but on matters like the professionalism of the builder.


It is most important to fully compare the details in alternative quotations, and ask questions when unsure.

For more information, refer to our full Deck Specification.


If a builder you are considering does not match the standards defined in our Deck Specification, then corners are being cut that will affect the on-going performance of your deck. The additional measures we take, ensure your project's serviceability & durability.

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Updated Oct 2022