Recent Deck, Balcony, Pergola, Verandah & Carport Projects

BBQ Awning

Providing all-weather protection to the BBQ, this cantilevered awning structure was built for a private school, designed to blend in with the existing school buildings.

Elevated Deck & Verandah

This 60m² elevated deck & verandah features black powdercoated balustrading, timber screening to comply with overlooking regulations, & long span to keep the space under clear of posts.

School BBQ shelter
Elevated, large balcony deck, verandah & screening

Deck & Boardwalk

Tiered, shaped 90mm merbau deck with boardwalk connecting family room with backyard studio/outdoor room. Featuring 140x42 thick screwed merbau planks.

Deck & 42 thick plank boardwalk

Deck with Long Steps

Features 1000 wide by 800 deep platform steps. This depth classifies the steps as a series of landings, and therefore complies with the BCA design rules for stairs.

Pool deck & wide steps

Bullnose Verandah with Timber Deck

This bullnose verandah was designed to suit the refurbished weatherboard home. Special "hockey stick" rafters were manufactured to provide the bullnose shape.


Picket balustrading encloses the new timber deck. All the visible framing is pre-primed H3 LOSP treated pine, including the posts.

Bullnose verandah with timber deck

High Timber Balcony Deck

The 3m height above ground of this balcony presented several challenges, and ultimately required structural engineering design (note the absence of cross-bracing).


Each 135x135x5.5 metre long post was hoisted into position into 1m deep footing holes using temporary framing.

High timber deck balcony with ss balustrading

Modern Pergola & Verandah

The owners of this one year old home facing a rather busy semi-rural road required a new verandah along the long north facing wall of their home, & a pergola/BBQ area between road & home.


This provided much needed solar control into the main living areas, a safe play area for the kids, and a visual buffer between the home & road.


The 25m verandah was designed to complement the architectural style of the home, matching the existing front verandah in materials, colour and construction detail.

As with all our verandah projects, pre-primed LOSP framing was used to provide a superior quality of finish & long term servicability compared with the more commonly used (& cheaper) laser-cut treated pine.


A pergola built between the new verandah & road provides further privacy , & a place in the sun for family functions. The pergola concept involved 6 black painted portal frames, using 135x135 posts,  tensioned together using 6.4mm ss cable inside 16mm x 1.6 ss tubes. The resultant sculptural structure has become  a local feature.

Long skillion verandah
Modern pergola, verandah beyond
Modern pergola: black portals, ss rods

Decorative Balcony & Verandah

This timber home had a rather bland facade fronted by a balcony deck in a bad state of repair. The Clients wanted to not only rebuild the balcony, but to enliven their home's street frontage and appeal, while providing improved , undercover access to their front door & a covered relaxation area associated with the master bedroom.


To suit the older style of the home, several decorative elements were incorporated, including exposed rafter ends, finials, post capitols & post brackets.

The large, northern windows are sun-shaded  by a new slatted awning, This feature also integrates the otherwise separate central verandah, stair & landing, with the larger verandah & balcony at the end, to provide a unified & cohesive architectural solution across the length of the facade.


Also featured is 100mm wide Yellow Stringybark decking, exhibiting all the characteristics of a typical Australian HW, & hydraulic swaged stainless steel fittings to the ss wire rope balustrading.

Decorative style verandah & balcony
Gable roofed stair/landing
Sunshade awning

Double Carport Gable Roof

We obtained the planning permit necessary to build this carport to the street frontage in a bushland setting.


Measuring 6m x 6m, the gable roofed structure is framed using pre-primed LOSP timber. Offset corner posts avoid a middle post, allow for easier turning, & avoid damage to opening of doors.

Double carport, gable roof

Skillion & Gable Verandah

This design extends the form & shape of the existing home over the new patio area, & required a planning permit.


The 5.5 x 14m structure features Monterey Cypress, a sustainable timber recycled from farmland. This shows the completed frame, prior to colorbond roof installation.

Monterey cypress verandah framing


This pavilion was designed to suit the oriental style of the garden setting.


Measuring 6.8m x 5.4m, the hipped roofed structure features wide eaves with decorative fretwork panels hung under the beams, and shallow roof pitch.

Oriental style pavilion

Merbau Deck, Screen & Stair

This elevated split-level deck replaced and extended an existing  dilapidated structure.


It provides access into the home from the carport below via the treated pine stair stained to match the merbau decking.

Merbau deck,& stair with ss balustrade & merbau slat screen
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